90XSB – Side banding

Automatic machine for the assembly of cabin filters with devices driven by synchronized brushless motors. Connected to a pleating machine it realizes a  complete, automated, production line for cabin filters. It is characterized by:

  • Devices for transport and alignment of the filtering media and 4 helical screws;
  • Units for the assembly of the side bands on the pleated filtering media;
  • Hot melt device and dispensers; with easily adjustable spreading height according to the height of the side bands;
  • Unit for the automatic cut with a programmable number of pleats following the assembled media in movement;
  • PLC unit for the machine running and PC for the control and set up of the process  of the complete production line.

The machine set up is quick and easy: from the PC keyboard you can recall or type the programmable functions, handling the graduated control handwheels the devices are positioned so to adhere to the width and height of the filter.
Only if the media pitch changes, it is necessary to replace some mechanical elements already prepared for a quick change (dimensioning screws and gear wheels encoder).


  • Filtering media: thickness up to 1.2mm activated carbon filter media.
  • Filter width: from 100 to 400 mm.
  • Pleat height: from 15 to 60 mm (different dimensions can be required).
  • Side band: th. from 0.5 to 1.2, heights from 15 to 75 mm placed on 2 reels d.800.
  • Cutting blade: circular, double-beveled, activated in both transversal strokes.