Automatic machine with 2 or 4 work stations, with PATENTED device for dispensing thermo-fusible glue “CollaFilo 500 Twin” to bond the two ends of the pleated media, so to form the closed ring for round filters  up to 700 mm in length.

Work stations with a system for the locking and hinged closing of the media edges, driven by pneumatic devices.

Axis for positioning the glue dispensing head on work stations.

Working axis to carry out the distribution stroke of the adhesive on the filtering material.

Pneumatic unit to carry out the vertical stroke of the glue dispenser.

Mobile console with touch-screen display for parameters programming and control of the whole system and in particular of:

  • definition of length, speed and quantity (output) of the sealant distribution.
  • dispensing temperature of the sealant from the Collafilo 500 TWIN device;
  • recipes that can be recalled from the touch keypad;
  • alarm diagnostics;
  • carried out production.

An electric cabinet according to Law EN 60204 and EN 60439, equipped with electronic devices

and components of primary brands (Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Parker etc.); with



The glue dispenser device “CollaFilo 500 TWIN” includes a melting unit with input for two thermo-fusible rods, complete with anti-drip system.

It is equipped with heating elements for the melting of the glue rods that pass through it and with a system of flow exclusion to avoid the dripping in the stand-by phase, carried out by a pneumatic cylinder.

The dispensing nozzle can be shaped to form the outgoing glue flow according to a spreading hole or slot.

The thermo-fusible glue is available in different chemical formulations.